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The LongDog team is headed up by two strategically daring associates:

Michael Powell

Michael is a visionary senior marketing and management consultant with extensive experience across a wide range of high-tech industries and companies. His particular expertise in sales management allows him to help companies identify, synthesise and clarify new markets and sales opportunities. With his keen conceptual, analytical and communications skills, Michael has leveraged his marketing and sales strategy experience to inspire teams to deliver significant results, creating unique approaches for solving problems to accomplish business objectives.

His industry experience includes telemetry, automation/control and communications, environmental and pollution monitoring, flexible and fibre packaging systems, supply chain condition monitoring solutions, medical technology, biotechnology and intellectual property and research commercialisation.

Michael has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Master of Business Administration and Master of International Business. He is Lead Associate for Global Strategy, Strategic Management and Sales Negotiation & Channel Development. 

To read more about Michael visit his personal  website, or his LinkedIn profile.

Tracey Tritsch

Tracey believes successful business leaders need to take a long term view to ensure business viability, and must create an inspiring environment for employees to enable them to contribute their best, building trust and eliciting genuine engagement.

 Tracey has developed strategy and implementation programs both at corporate and business-unit levels. She has hands-on experience in the finance, energy, education and marketing management industries; she is the founding associate of LongDog & Associates. 

Tracey has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Business, and a Master of Strategic Foresight. She is Lead Associate for Strategic Foresight, Business Leadership and Marketing Strategy. To read more about Tracey visit her LinkedIn profile.

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