Be daring, not risky

Behold the turtle. He
         makes progress only
         when he sticks his      
         neck out. 

James B Conant

In today’s fast-paced globalised world, intense competitive pressures and technological innovation are forcing companies to rethink the fundamentals about how their company operates.  Current business models, based on last century’s functional lines, have outlived their usefulness and for most companies, reinventing their business model is an imperative if they are to survive and flourish.

Entirely new products and services rarely emerge from existing established companies. And they usually need a new business model.

How can you rebuild your business to operate successfully in our new, complex, global, high-tech world? And what new model, or models, should be built?

At LongDog believe that the first step is to encourage rule breaking, to challenge what it is the business ‘normally’ does. We can help you by encouraging discussion around creating new value, or by reaching untapped customers or serving current, but dissatisfied, customers in a ways that were once considered unimaginable.  To see what we think, look at the articles in the Reducing Risk menu on the right, or follow the links below.

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