Will the future be now?

The best way to
        predict the future is
        to invent it.

Theodore Hook

The ability to think about the long term future and apply that thinking to strategy is a critical competency for all organisations in a world that is changing faster and faster. Strategic foresight practice helps companies develop  management strategies based on how it anticipates the environment will change in that time. 

The key difference between strategic management and strategic foresight is the horizon: both how far (time) and how wide (breadth). In our experience, however, most  organisations fail in their strategic foresight because they consider only a narrow set of obvious factors.

Successful strategic foresight inspires an organisation to learn more effectively and to be more creative in developing strategies and initiatives which help it pursue a vision of the future with potent results. To achieve this, strategic foresight requires organisations to look further than the typical two to ten years, and consider the likely and visionary possibilities. In helping organisations develop a strategic foresight practice, we use a range of tools, in particular scenario planning, to help them consider a range of expectable (most likely), challenging (what could go wrong) and visionary (surprisingly successful) possibilities.

We then work with these organisations to address the key issues of foresight planning:

 1. Anticipate impact: how will the company anticipate the impact of drivers of change on the industry structure and the competitive position of the company?

2. Implications on strategy: how will it address the implications of drivers of change for strategy formulation?

3. Coping with change: how will the company deal with these drivers of change?

4. Response: how will it define the most appropriate responses for exploiting these drivers, and so develop the the new resources and organisational capabilities they require?

 To see what we think, look at the articles in the Strategic Foresight menu on the right, or follow the links below.

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