Strategy for Complex Industries

Strategy without tactics
       is the slowest route to
       victory. Tactics without
       strategy is the noise
       before defeat.


Any strategic process must consider what to offer customers. But if you want to create a new business model, you need to be the first to identify new or changing customer needs, wants or priorities. It’s not something which should be undertaken lightly, because it demands a new way of thinking, the rules and norms of the ‘old’ company must be changed. It’s easier said than done, it requires patience and a deep commitment, and unless you can be sure it warrants the time and effort, it may be a waste of time and money.

LongDog helps companies who want to take this leap. We can help you delve into new products or services, working with you on both the ‘what’ you can do, as well as ‘how’ by:

1. Looking at new areas of growth, to tap into unused potential to convert it into profitable growth sectors

2. Generating new ideas, starting with how customers see their work, then going through all the product or service opportunities to see how changing your business model can help customer work better, and so generate new growth for your company

3. Taking new ideas to market by looking for low-cost ways to evaluate your potential customers’ acceptance and satisfaction with your proposed model.

It’s a challenging and occasionally exhausting process, but the end results can be astonishingly rewarding. To read  more about how LongDog helps innovation-driven and technology-driven companies build profits and long term growth, look in the menus on the right or follow the links below.

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