Creativity is thinking
        new up new things. 
        Innovation is doing
        new things.

Theodore Levitt

Innovation is at the very heart of growth strategy. It’s the subject of countless articles and speeches, and the rationale behind scores of mergers and acquisitions. But companies in every industry struggle with a litany of problems in commercialising innovations: poorly conceived products that fail to meet customer needs, development processes that are too slow or expensive or both, launches that are delayed or ineffective, and even cannibalisation of existing products.

When LongDog says ‘innovation’ we don’t mean just improvements to existing products and services. Nor do we mean purely technical invention. Innovation, to us, means the pursuit of radical new business opportunities, exploiting new or potentially disruptive technologies, and introducing change into the core of a company. It’s a risky business.

It's those efforts that businesses have found hard to sustain, even though it is now widely acknowledged that they have become increasingly critical to companies' long-term viability. In fact, nearly 50% of U.S. economic growth at the end of the 1990s came from lines of business that didn't exist a decade before, as a 1999 study in The Economist showed.

But through examination of the entire innovation-to-cash process and not just the individual pieces of it, companies can find an innovation approach which will turn these ideas into cash. LongDog & Associates works with companies to determine the best innovation strategies to make money over the long term. 

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