Strategic Management

You have to be fast on
          your feet and adaptive
          or else a strategy
          is useless.

Charles de Gaulle

We live in an era of astonishing and speedy change. Major technological innovations such as the steam engine, electricity, and the telephone provided powerful new infrastructures. These disruptive innovations transformed industry and commerce, but eventually they became stabilising forces once business learned to harness their capabilities and gained confidence in the new order.

Today, organisations are constantly racing to catch up with and learn the steadily improving foundational technologies. 

We’ve been told that, in the absence of equilibrium, adaptation is the best strategy: if we want to succeed we need to sense and respond quickly to what’s changing around us. Most respond to the challenge with traditional actions: focus on core markets, capabilities, and geographies; seek more control over the assets and activities that are most valuable to that core; with emphasis on the short term and a strong tendency to become more reactive. 

But these actions often compound the stress instead of easing it.

LongDog’s approach to strategy is different. We work with companies to develop shaping strategies which concentrate risk on other players through positive incentives, and allow the company to take advantage of the wider ecosystem to create and capture enormous value as they learn from, and share risk with, one another.

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