Once a new
         technology rolls
         you, if you're not part
         of the steamroller,
         you're part of the road.

Stewart Brand

Are successful high-tech companies successful just because they’re creative, innovative, and make super fast decisions? In part, yes, but that’s not will continue to drive their success.

What will ensure their longevity is the same fundamentals of slower-growth companies: increased productivity, sound strategic thinking, improved financial performance. High-tech companies have always focussed on product innovation – it’s what got them to where they are – but the reality of the new economic world is that demand will slow, and now what gets them ahead will be greater output with fewer inputs, and innovative operational processes, not just products and services.

What needs to happen in a high-tech company is a really close look at business processes; where can productivity be lifted? We know that in an organisation that values snappy, fast innovation, it really is vital. Look carefully at R&D costs, marketing, supply chain management - how much more efficient can the company be in translating customer needs into product requirements and concepts?

But it’s not a matter of simply cutting costs. It’s business process improvements that will make the long term difference: no longer will clever innovations make the difference, because emerging markets can bring them to market at a far lower cost. It requires commitment and a change in attitude, starting from the very top of the organisation. LongDog can help companies  high-tech companies stay in the game longer. 

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