Is nanotech the next industrial revolution?

Nanotechnology isn't a single field so much as a sprawling idea that cuts across disciplines, including engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. We believe nanotechnologies will eventually disrupt, transform, and create whole industries, but when and how depends on where you are in the nanofuture perspective.

For some industries, nanotech's implications are clear, and close. Any company with a major stake in IT needs to be actively involved in nanotech R&D and investment if it has the resources. Likewise for materials manufacturers. Companies in the service industries, where the end users of nanotech will be, will be using tiny supercomputers and ultralight textiles strong than Kevlar. 

A company’s response to nanotech opportunities will depend on the industry. The trick is to keep your ear to the ground; major players are aggressively developing strategies, including teams which develop theoretical nanoproducts. Companies which don’t see their immediate future in nanotech can keep up with this emerging technology by tapping into associations which are harnessing the nanotech experience, such as research scientists and nanotech suppliers, to keep up with the potential impact on their business.

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