What's a 'longdog'?

Squiggle: the original canine Associate

Our name comes from the original long dog: a miniature dachshund (a sausage dog or wiener dog) of the wirehaired variety. Squiggle, so named because of his squiggly slightly mad-professor hair, was the beloved canine companion of our founder. You might say he was the first 'Associate'. Although he passed on a few years ago, he is still highly revered by all those who knew and understood his gentle wisdom, his amazingly large and frightening bark, and his extraordinary capacity to sleep soundly through any crisis. 

The two newest canine Associates are another wirehaired dachshund Schufti (named after an old German children's story about a naughty dog; his name roughly translates to 'rascal') and Munchkin, a West Highland White Terrier (or Westie) x Bichon Frise… that would make her a  'Beastie'! Being young they lack Squiggle's wisdom, but they make up for it in personality.

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